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Low Carb Protein

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What are Proteins? Proteins are complex molecules, made up of smaller units called Amino Acids, arranged in a chain like fashion. Proteins are vital for the building-up, maintenance, functioning, and the regulation of the body's various Tissues and Organs.

Functions of Proteins. Over 20 different types of Amino Acids combine to form Proteins. In the body, Proteins function as an Antibody, an Enzyme, a Messenger (Hormones), a Structural Unit (to build and repair Cells and Tissues), and a Transport Agent (within the body).

Sources of Proteins. Some of the richest natural sources of Protein are Chicken, Meat, Fish, Cheese, Eggs, Beans (esp. Soy Beans), Lentils, Nuts, and Seeds. Protein Supplements are marketed as the synthetic sources of Proteins. These supplements, meant for Oral Administration, are available as Protein Powders, Protein Bars, Muscle Builders, Weight Gainers, Low Carb Protein Supplements, Vitamins, and Weight Losers. We shall here focus on Low Carb Protein Supplements. (1)

What Are Carbohydrates? Carbohydrates are the Organic Compounds made of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. They are the key sources of Energy in our body. Carbohydrates are stored as Glucose in our body. They can be most readily converted into Energy than their counterparts, Fats and Proteins. However, Carbohydrates are also associated with the health undesirables, Obesity and Weight Gain.

What Is a Low Carb Protein Diet/Supplements? The dietary program that furnishes body with Protein, while strictly avoiding Carbohydrates for Weight Control or for the treatment of Obesity, is termed as Low Carb Protein Diet/Supplements. In a Low Carb Protein Diet, the food with high Carbohydrates content (Bread and Cereals) is replaced by Protein rich food (Meat and Soy products).

Benefits of Low Carb Protein Supplements.

Weight Reduction. Low Carb Protein Supplements help in Weight Reduction and the regulation of Obesity. Latest studies have shown that a Low Carb Diet is as effective for losing weight, as is a Low Fat diet. A less intake of Carbohydrate results in the less accumulation of unwanted pounds. (2)

Healthy Heart. Low Carb Diets/Supplements helps increase "Good" Cholesterol (HDL) levels in the body, while decreasing the Triglycerides (Fat found in Vegetable Oil & Animal Fat) ones. This lowers the rate of Heart Diseases and strokes.

Control Diabetes and Epilepsy. Low Carb Supplements also help in the treatment of Diabetes and Epilepsy.

Maladies Associated With Low Carb Protein Supplements.

False Weight Reductions. Low Carb Protein Supplements help reduce weight visibly, as they lower the level of Carbohydrates in the body resulting in high Insulin levels. This induces Water Loss and therefore, Weight Loss. However, the Low Carb Supplements do not affect the actual cause of Obesity, Fats. Low Carb Weight Supplements do not help burn Fat and this lost weight is regained soon after discontinuing the supplements.

Exhaustion. Low Carbohydrates levels in the body due to Low Carb Protein Supplements exhaust its energy, especially if you follow a strenuous exercise regime. This causes a lot of Fatigue and Weakness.

Constipation. A lack of Fiber in Low Carb Diet results in indigestion and disturbed Bowel action.