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Weight Gainers

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What are Proteins? Proteins are complex molecules, made up of smaller units called Amino Acids, arranged in a chain like fashion. Proteins are vital for the building-up, maintenance, functioning, and the regulation of the body's various Tissues and Organs.

Functions of Proteins. Over 20 different types of Amino Acids combine to form Proteins. In the body, Proteins function as an Antibody, an Enzyme, a Messenger (Hormones), a Structural Unit (to build and repair Cells and Tissues), and a Transport Agent (within the body).

Sources of Proteins. Some of the richest natural sources of Protein are Chicken, Meat, Fish, Cheese, Eggs, Beans (esp. Soy Beans), Lentils, Nuts, and Seeds. Protein Supplements are marketed as the synthetic sources of Proteins. These supplements, meant for Oral Administration, are available as Protein Powders, Protein Bars, Muscle Builders, Weight Gainers, Vitamins, and Weight Losers. We shall here focus on Weight Gainers Protein Powders.

Weight Gainers Protein Powders. Weight Gainers Protein Powders are rich in Protein and Carbohydrates. With Whey Protein, Egg Protein, and Casein Proteins being their key ingredients, Weight Gainers Protein Powders, help build Muscle Mass in the body, resulting in weight gain.

Types of Weight Gainers Protein Powders: Weight Gainers Protein Powders contain some or all of the below given ingredients for Muscles Building and Weight Gain:

Whey Protein. This is derived from Milk during the process when it is turned into Cheese. Whey Protein contains the highest amount of Branched Chain Essential Amino Acids, which are vital for Muscle Retention and Bodybuilding. In addition, Whey Protein is an Antioxidant and boosts the Immune System, while also maintaining high energy levels in the body. (1)

Egg Protein. It contains all the Essential Amino Acids required for the body's overall growth and building up of the Lean Muscle Mass. (2)

Soy Protein. It is a type of Stored Protein, rich in all the required Essential Amino Acids.

Rice Protein. Derived from Brown Rice, Rice Protein is actually rich in Vegetable Proteins. Rice Protein is a good choice for those allergic to Soy, Milk, Egg, Yeast, and Wheat.

Benefits of Weight Gainers Protein Powders.

Muscles Loss Prevention. In case your body does not get ample Protein, it begins Catabolic Reactions in healthy Tissues and Cells to extract Amino Acids for the Cells and Tissues required in the body elsewhere. This may usually start from the built up Muscles. As a result, the required Muscles Mass is lowered, and is thinned down. Weight Gainers Protein Powders help avert these Catabolic Reactions in the body and supplement it with the needed Proteins.

Muscles Mass Building. The Supplemental Proteins further help the body build more Muscle Mass, a desirable especially for bodybuilders.

Nourishment. During heavy exercising, apart from Muscles and Tissues tearing, the body loses several vital nutrients as well. Weight Gainers Protein Powders compensate for this nourishment. These Protein Supplements are usually rich in Digestive Enzymes for an optimal assimilation of the nutrients, especially, Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Calories, in the body. This helps the body in gaining quality weight, while ensuring its overall health and well-being.

Antioxidants. Weight Gainers Protein Powders also contain Antioxidants, especially Glutamine and Taurine, which strengthen the body's Immunity, thereby preventing its vulnerability to ailments.

Side effects of Weight Gainers Protein Powders.

Physical Complications. An excess of Weight Gainers Protein Powders may lead to Stomach Trouble, Dehydration, Gout, Calcium Loss, and damage to the Liver & Kidneys.

Fat Gain. Some Weight Gainers Protein Powders may lead to undesired Fat Gain if consumed in more calories than you are utilizing for muscle development.

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