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Estrogen Blockers

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Estrogen Hormone - An Introduction. Estrogen is a Female Hormone, consisting of chemically similar compounds such as, Estrone, Estroil, and Estradoil. Estrogen is present in both men and women, though its quantity far outweighs in males as compared to females. As mentioned above, Estrogen is a Female Sexual Hormone and therefore helps in the development of Sexual Visceral Organs in women. In men however, if produced in excess, Estrogen may regulate the Male Sexual characteristics.

Sources of Estrogen.

Estrogen is mainly secreted from the Ovaries, present in the Female Reproductive System, Fat (Adipose) Tissues, and Adrenal Gland. Of the three types of Estrogen, Estradoil and Estrone are produced in the Ovaries, while the Placenta present in females during pregnancy, produces Estroil.

Functions of Estrogen.

Female Sexual Development. Estrogen is responsible for the development of female sexual characteristics and organs. (1)

Menstrual Cycle. Estrogen controls the thickness of the Uterine Lining in the initial stages of Menstrual Cycle.

Breast Changes. Various changes in the Breast size during Puberty or Pregnancy, take place due to the secretion of Estrogen in the female body.

Physiological Functions. Estrogen plays significant role in many metabolic processes, better Brain function, balanced Libido, regulating the Cholesterol levels, and Bone formation & its regulation, in the body.

Need of Estrogen Blockers. Estrogen Hormone helps determine the female sexual characteristics, while Testosterone is responsible for Male Sexual Characteristics. Estrogen and Testosterone duo are present in both, males and females. Testosterone is found dominantly in males, while Estrogen is found excessively in females.

Now, depending upon the Estrogen levels in the body, Pituitary Gland regulates the production of Testosterone in the body. Higher the quantity of Estrogen, lower the production of Testosterone and vice versa. In addition, body converts some Testosterone to Estrogen with the help of Aromatase Enzyme, a process called Aromatization. As a result, the level of Estrogen rises in the body.

Now, an excess of Estrogen over Testosterone, or a comparatively high proportion of Estrogen in the body can be a problem, especially in males, and if they are athletes or sports persons. An excess of Estrogen in males may lead to Gynecomastia (enlargement of Breasts), bloated body (due to salt & water retention), and the most dreaded of all, lowered Testosterone production.

People indulging into heavy physical activity such as, bodybuilding, weight lifting, athletics, etc., need more utilization of Testosterone over normal persons. High Testosterone Levels in the body result in added energy, endurance, and strength.

Therefore, in order to increase the Testosterone levels in the body, one of the ways is to decrease the levels of Estrogen by inhibiting its production as well as by preventing the conversion of Testosterone into Estrogen. This check on Estrogen level in the body is achieved with the help of Estrogen Blockers or Anti-Estrogen Supplements.

Estrogen Blockers - Introduction. Estrogen Blockers are Protein substances, which are available as Supplements, and that prevent the release of Estrogen in the body.

Estrogen Blockers Functioning.

When producing Estrogen, Hormone Activators are released from the pea-sized Pituitary Gland present at the base of our Brain. The Hormone Activators lock with the Receptor Sites, present on the Outer Membrane of the Ovary. This activation triggers the release of Estrogen in the body. (2)

Estrogen Blockers however, inhibit the action of the Hormone Activator on the Receptors by binding themselves to the Receptors. This prevents the release of Estrogen and in turn results in raised Testosterone levels in the body.

Benefits of Estrogen Blockers.

Lowered Estrogen Production. As is obvious by now, Estrogen Blockers, inhibit the production of Estrogen in the body. In effect, this leads to the increased level of desirable Testosterone levels.

Aromatase Inhibition. Estrogen Blockers reduce the production of Aromatase, responsible for the conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen.

Prevents the Testosterone Production Seizure. The lowered Estrogen levels in the body help inhibit the signaling of Estrogen to the Pituitary Gland to stop the production of Testosterone. As a result, Testosterone production continues in the body.

Improved Musculo-Skeletal System. The enhanced level of Testosterone in the body helps in the development of Bones and Muscles.

Better Masculine Characteristics. Improved male sexual functions, Libido, Sperm production, and Prostate function are some other advantages of increased Testosterone levels.

Avert Gynecomastia. Estrogen Blockers help avoid the development of awkward looking Breast Tissues in males.

Side Effects of Estrogen Blockers - Side Effects in Limited Cases

Reduced IGF-1 Production. Estrogen Blockers may lower the generation of Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1), which is a Peptide Hormone. IGF-1, secreted by Liver, is responsible for Anabolic Reactions in the body and its reduction may be a setback to the Muscles Building. (3)

Lowered Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) Production. SHBG, a Glycoprotein produced in Liver, helps transport the hormones, especially Testosterone and Estrogen, in the body, by binding with them.