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Protein Bars

Great Tasting and Superior Nutritional Protein and Energy Bars

Build lean muscle tissue, optimize health, and feed your metabolism with highest quality and great tasting supplement bars. Shop Liveleantoday.com offers the finest VPX, EAS, and Detour products.

What are Protein Bars? As the name clearly suggests, Protein Bars are the nutrition supplement bars, especially rich in growth inducing Protein. In addition, Protein Bars provide Energy and are low in Carbohydrates. These bars are suitable for anyone looking for anytime, anywhere, light, low fat, diet supplement, rich in Protein, while being tasty as well.

Functions of Protein Bars

Protein Diet. Protein Bars act as a high Protein Meal Replacement. You can have these anytime and anywhere. It is just about removing the wrapper of the bar and eating it.

Heart Friendly. They help in sustaining a healthy Heart by stabilizing the Cholesterol levels in the body.

Weight Regulation. Protein Bars are designed for the different individual weight needs of weight loss or weight gain.

Immunity Booster. Protein Bars promote healthy Immune function in the body.

Reduced Fat. Protein Bars or Meal Replacement Bars can help in reducing the body's Fat deposit percentage.

Energizers. These nutritious bars energize the Body Cells and Muscles.

Muscles Building. Owing to their richness of Tissue building Protein, Protein Bars are of great help in Muscles Building. (1)

Ingredients of Protein Bars. The sources of Protein in Protein Bars are generally Soy, Whey, Milk, Calcium, Caseinate, and Nuts. Protein Bars are formulated using various Energy providing ingredients such as, Dark Chocolates, Peanuts, etc. Most of the Protein Bars taste good, while being fortified with Vitamins & Minerals.

Types of Protein Bars. Depending on an individual's age and body requirement, market has a multitude of options in Protein Bars:

  • Pure Protein Bars
  • Diet Bars
  • Sugar Free Bars
  • Low Carb Protein Bars
  • Soy Protein Bars with Soy Flour
  • Whey Protein Bars, rich in solid Dietary Proteins

Protein Bars can be classified into different types based on the varying Protein and Carbohydrate ratios in them, as well as by the amount of Sugar added to these bars along with dry fruits, chocolates, and other flavors. (2)

Maladies Associated with Protein Bars. Though Protein Bars are well-balanced nutritional supplements, they have slight conditional side effects associated with them. It is recommended that you consult your fitness expert or a nutritional expert before being hooked to these bars. People with any allergies should especially watch out. For example, anyone allergic to Soy or Egg should consider Soy or Egg free Protein Bars. Similarly, those who are less tolerant to Lactose should carefully choose their Protein Bars. The key is to read carefully the ingredients list on the pack of Protein Bars to ascertain its relevance for you.

Choose from energy or protein nutritional bars for superior health. Enjoy your tone building, weight loss, and athletic performance results with LIVE.

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