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Soy Protein

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Get the Best Soy Protein Nutritional Supplements for your athletic needs at Shop Live Lean Today

Soy protein is a non dairy protein source and give advantages to consumers that need a non dairy protein as a protein source. Shop Liveleantoday offers the best soy protein supplements to help you build muscle, lose fat and improve your performance.

Soy protein is one of the best ways to get non-animal protein into the diet. It can be great tasting and have many healthy effects on the body, which makes it a perfect protein for high protein food plans. The ingredients of soy protein include saponins, phytosterols, and isoflavones, which are part of the best benefits. Saponins contribute to immune system function and can help reduce the absorption of cholesterol. Phytosterols contribute to keeping low cholesterol levels normal. (1)

Though there had been debate for awhile, the fact is that soy protein is a complete protein that rank high in the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS). Soy protein is always low in or free of fat, cholesterol, and is completely lactose free because it is not a dairy.

Soy protein is a perfect alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or cannot have the predominant protein in shakes and MRP's, whey, and can be used as a meat substitute. One incredible cool fact is that Soy protein can be used for cooking instead of flour. This can create high protein food choices out of ordinary ones, and that are extremely low in fat.

Soy Protein Side Effects

A small percentage of people are allergic to soy, and Soy contains phytic acid, a compound that may interact with mineral absorption in certain conditions. Soy has been shown ot be perfectly safe.