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Egg Protein

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Buy the Highest Quality Egg Protein Nutritional Supplements at Shop Live Lean Today

Egg albumen is consider the best form of protein. Shop Liveleantoday offers the best egg protein supplements to build muscle tissue and optimize your health.

Egg protein delivers the most complete amino acid profile which means you get all the vital essential amino acids your body needs on a daily basis with egg protein. Egg protein comes from all natural animal sources, making it the purest form of whole food in protein shakes. (2)

Egg albumen protein powder has a BV of 100 which is the highest number for protein absorption. Egg protein has a more complete absorption into your muscle tissue then whey protein. Whey protein does absorb slightly faster though you get more protein per gram of egg protein into your body then whey.

Egg protein powder is a great choice for those who are allergic to dairy or lactose intolerant, as whey protein is made from dairy.

Egg Protein Uses

Breakfast protein source - with egg proteins complete amino acid profile it makes a great choice for breakfast to get your muscles the total fuel they need to start the day.

Pre and Post workout - egg protein can be used as a pre and post training session protein source. May options that are successful are a combination of whey and egg protein to achieve the power of both. (1)

Meal replacement - egg protein makes a great option for meal replacement shakes do it medium absorption rate and high amino acids components you can get all the amino acids you need in a quick snack option.

Egg Protein Side Effects

Egg protein has no side effects. Egg protein powders are real whole food products delivering the protein your body needs from natural animal sources.