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Best Protein Powders and Meal Replacement Shakes at Shop Live Lean Today

Superior absorption and the finest ingredients to build muscle tissue, replenish the body, and optimize your health. Beverly International, VPX, BSN, and Optimum Nutrition the highest quality manufacturer's best natural protein supplements.

Universal Nutrition Egg Pro for those lactose intolerant and allergic to whey and the best meal replacement shake Mass Maker.

No confusion, trust Shop Live Lean Today only offers the finest quality natural protein supplements. Enjoy your muscle building, weight loss, and fitness results with LIVE.

Protein is one of the most important nutrition supplements for any weight loss, sports performance, or bodybuilding program. Protein made up amino acids is the building blocks of muscle tissue.  With proper protein in your diet your body converts protein through a process called protein synthesis into muscle tissue. Protein synthesis is your anabolic ability for your body to rebuild, repair, and grow lean muscle mass.

The biggest difference between the best proteins and the cheaper version is the ability to be absorbed.  Better protein powder sources use isolate protein powder which is more pure than concentrates which allows for more complete absorption. The second key to look for in the best protein shakes is protein powders without fillers and binders that add extra grams of total weight that are not pure protein powder.

Protein Powders by Source

Whey Protein - whey protein is the most popular form of protein shakes as it absorbs fast and has a high amino acid profile. Whey protein is used best for pre and post workout shakes, breakfast shakes, and can be used for meal replacement protein. (1)

Egg Protein - egg protein is considered the most complete protein with a loaded amino acid profile. Egg protein takes a little longer to absorb than whey though has a greater complete absorption. Egg protein can be used as a breakfast protein, meal replacement, and a great choice for those lactose intolerant or allergic to whey. (2)

Casein Protein - casein protein takes the longest to absorb by your body which allows for a long lasting protein source. Casein protein works well as meal replacement protein option and is the preferred choice for protein before going to bed. (3)

Soy Protein - soy protein is a protein source from soy beans (plants). Soy protein is found in many blended protein products and is popular with women protein sources.

Meal Replacement Shakes - meal replacement shakes offer quick and easy snacks with carbs and protein.  Most meal replacement shakes are a blend of whey, egg, and casein protein. This allows for a fast, medium, and slow consistent absorption of protein.

Protein Blends - protein blends are combinations of multiple protein sources.  Egg and whey are the too most popular sources of protein.

Fast Fuel - fast fuel protein powders are designed to give your body the fuel it needs pre and post workouts.& You have a 45 window of opportunity to get carbohydrates and protein into your muscle tissue to get the benefits of your workout session.

Low Carb Protein - low carb protein shakes are designed for those counting calories. Low carb protein are low calorie protein sources to support your diet getting adequate protein.

Weight Gainers - bodybuilders and weight lifting enthusiasts need more high quality calories. Weight Gainers deliver the complete meals with optimal nutrition to support your muscle mass gains.

Protein Weight Loss - find information and list of the best protein powders and shakes that support people wanting to lose weight

Protein Women - these are protein powders and shakes specifically designed for the needs that women have for health and tone muscles

Protein Vegetarians - these protein supplements are for those on vegetarian diets so they can get adequate protein in their nutrition plan