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Welcome to Live Lean Today which includes all articles, products, blogs, email communication, and websites.  Live Lean Today is an Arizona based limited liability company that ships products from multiple states.  By using the website and creating an account to purchase a product you are agreeing to the terms of service.

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Product Claims

All product claims are the opinion of the staff at Live Lean Today.  They are not considered medical advice. Any concern with an ingredient should be consulted with a physician and not the responsibility of Live Lean Today.  Much of the information on Live Lean Today is from research though that doesn’t mean that any individual product will work as intended.  

Do not use any information on this website to diagnose or treat any disease.

Live Lean Today is a low-cost retailer and not the manufacturer of the nutritional supplements.  Any issue with individual products needs to be addressed with the manufacturer.  

Purchasing Products

By purchasing a product you agree to handle all needs as it relates to payment for the product and accurate information for shipping of the product. It is the individuals responsibility that products bougt comply with any different state or local laws.

Account Set Up

To purchase items on Live Lean Today the customer must set an online account.  The account allows for communication and the ability to track sales and shipping of each order.  The information gathered through this process is not shared and for use of completing the order.


Live Lean Today is a low-cost online retailer and any issues that are different than the listed price will be communicated.  The customer has the right to not continue the order if the prices changes. Live Lean Today offers a large selection of products and mistakes in pricing are made.


By purchasing on the site you are complaining to Live Lean Today communicating with you through email, phone, and text.  Most of the communication is done through email though certain issues both phone or text have become a more viable option.

Ephedrine Orders

Live Lean Today is one of the only license retailers for the sale of ephedrine.  There are multiple items associated with the sale of ephedrine and those will be communicated to the customer once competition of the order.  


As the customer you agree to assume full risk of purchasing and using any product on the website at your sole risk.  Live Lean Today is not responsible for many different products sold on Live Lean Today that it hasn’t produced.  Live LeanToday is only an online retailer.


This constitutes the agreement between the customer and Live Lean Today.