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Real Ma Huang 25mg Ephedra Weight Loss Pills – Yellow Bullet by Delta Health Products
Yellow Bullet delivers real Ma Huang which is the natural way ephedra occurs to increase energy stimulating the metabolism to burn more calories to achieve weight loss results.  Ma Huang has been used for thousands of years for its metabolic enhancement properties plus its thermogengic abilities.

Yellow Bullet has been one of the top selling ephedra weight loss pills because of its real form of Ma Huang that people are looking for because it works.  With real Ma Huang ephedra you can boost your energy every day to product more calories leading to greater weight loss.

Yellow Bullet includes 300mg of caffeine plus the 25mg of ephedra which makes one of the strongest synergistic blends for a weight loss pill.  Plus find bitter orange a metabolism calorie burning enhancer that doesn’t increase heart rate or blood pressure.

Losing weight can be hard enough so give your metabolism the energy it needs with real Ma Huang ephedra plus caffeine to unlock the weight loss results you want.

Active Ingredients

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Yellow Bullet Real Ephedra Ingredients
Serving Size: 1 cap
Servings Per Container:  100

Proprietary Blend: Ma Huang Extract ( standardized for 25mg of naturally occurring ephedra group Alkoloids), Bitter Orange extract (standardized to 3mg of synepherine), Capsicum Annum, Kola Nut Extract, Eleutherococcus senticosus 560mg, Caffeine 300mg         
Other Ingredients: gelatin, magnesium stearate, silica, titanium dioxide, fd&c yellow #5, fd&c yellow #6

Amber D.

Really does the job. Puts me in a much better mood with alot more energy and helps control my eating problems.

Victoria A.

I like this product. Not to strong and gives me a good amount of energy and appetite control. Fast shipping.

Sean R.

I like this product alot. Losing weight quickly and much more energy.