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No longer available and new LG Sciences prohormone kit available

  1. Bulking Andro Kit - Unleash unprecedented muscle growth with the Bulking Andro Kit—a powerhouse stack of legal prohormones. M1D Andro skyrockets testosterone, while 4-Androstenolone and 1–Androstenolone optimize raw testosterone production and lean mass gains. Post-cycle, Form-XT propels recovery. Achieve your monstrous size naturally!

Bulk Andro Kit Platinum Series Includes M1D Andro, 1-AndroStenolone, and Form-XT w/ Free T-Shirt

Bulk Andro Kit is designed for those in a muscle mass building bulk phase training program including a bluck eating program.  On a bulk building phase with heavy amounts of calories and strength training most people benefit from prohormones.

The Andro Bulking Kit creates a syngergistic combo of prohormone supplements that each work on specific hormonal pathways to maximize results.  It get all thress classes of androgens from the class A "wet" androgens to the power of class B and C to deliver the best muscle mass gains.

M1D Andro delivers the best adrenal androgen with a potent aromatase inibitor.

1-Androstenolone is a class B designed for hardening your muscles.

This combination delivers the best bulking prohormone effects to maximize your hard work in the gym.

Form-XT is a complete post cycle therapy supplement designed to support increasing testicular androgen production to accelerate your recovery phase.

You don't need any additional support supplements like for the liver as long as you are in good health with a healthy diet.

The Bulk Andro Kit is designed for men over 21 years of age

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