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NFL-MLB-NHL and NBA INCREASES IGF-1 LEVELS Build more muscle and get bigger, faster, stronger. 2ND GENERATION HGH-PRO IS NOW MORE POTENT THAN EVER! Only LiveLeanToday.com has it.
For over 10 years, thousands have experience the muscle building and fat burning benefits of HGH-PRO. Now, ASN has made HGH-PRO even better! HGH-PRO now contains the ever popular Deer Antler Extract.
Have you been looking for a way to build more muscle, faster, using a convenient natural supplement? If so, science has found your solution, the unique properties of deer antler velvet. Deer Antler velvet is the unique soft substance that grows on newly forming antlers of male deer, specifically New Zealand Red Deer. This antler velvet allows the deer to grow the gigantic hardened rack seen on the adult males, year after year. Antler velvet is the cause of the rapid cellular division and explosive growth rate of the antlers in a very short period of time.
Scientists have discovered the key to this rapid antler growth is a complex blend of amino acids, growth factors, and IGF-1 found in high concentrations in the antler velvet. Of these components, the most critical one to human muscle growth and recovery is IGF-1. IGF-1 stands for Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1; it is a close "hormone cousin" to your own growth hormone. While growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland, IGF-1 is produced by the liver when growth hormone is present.  When growth hormone levels rise, they trigger rises in IGF-1 levels too. Like growth hormone, IGF-1 can stimulate maximum protein synthesis and growth in human muscle tissue, but its effects last much longer and can magnify the effects of growth hormone alone. The result is more intense and visible results in muscular size, strength, and output from the same input.
HGH-PRO is a safe and effective oral supplement for increasing the body's levels of IGF-1. For centuries, ancient Chinese medicine used the power of deer antler velvet to improve vitality and overall function.   In recent studies, deer antler velvet has been found to be a potent source of insulin-like growth factors (IGF-1). By taking HGH-PRO, you are increasing your body's levels of IGF-1, resulting in improved muscle recovery, better joint performance and overall wellness. As an athlete or weight trainer, this means quicker recovery from the intensive training routines, less joint discomfort and a stronger immune system.
The Benefits of Deer Antler Extract have been featured on SI.com, CNBC and Yahoo  Sports. Hundreds of professional athletes in all major sports have used Deer Antler Extract to enhance their physical performance.

Benefits of HGH Pro Spray

Lowers body fat
Increases energy
Improves sexual performance
Contains actual HGH
Raises IGF-1 levels

Growth Hormone: HGH peaks during adolescence and declines substantially soon after. There is an 80% decline in ones HGH levels from the age of 25-65. Human growth hormone, along with other hormones like DHEA, testosterone, estrogen and melatonin, decrease with age. That is what makes HGH supplementation extremely important. Sufficient research has shown the positive effects of HGH for years, but it has been extremely difficult to obtain this powerful hormone legally, or at a reasonable cost until now! Do not confuse or group our product with those who attempt to stimulate HGH production by indirect methods like elevated ingestion of amino acids and other precursor related remedies.As proven by the clinical studies HGH Spray formula, HGH benefits older adults. However, it is beneficial for many other segments of the population as well, including AIDS patients and the bodybuilding community. Everyone has seen the amount of muscle bodybuilder have been able to put on using steroids in combination with HGH Sprays

Is Supplementation with HGH PRO Safe?Yes, human growth hormone has been studied extensively since its discovery in the 1920s. There have been an enormous amount of studies published in well-recognized journals which state that usage is safe and extremely beneficial. Only real HGH has been studied and proven to provide the positive effects associated with natural production. Our formula delivers a safe, legal, low dose which may be taken without a prescription and without injections.

Doctors and Health Care Professionals believe that increasing your levels of human growth hormone may facilitate better health, fitness, energy, permanent weight loss, sports and workout performance, bring other hormones into normal ranges and so much more!

How Do I Use Growth Hormone Sprays? Take 8-10 sprays sublingually (under the tongue)3 times per day. Ideal time for maximum absorption and benefits are early in the morning, before workouts and 1 hr before bedtime.

Can I Still Use Prohormones and Testosterone With HGH Pro? Yes, in fact, one study shows that increasing testosterone production works extremely well in further stimulating the growth of muscle tissue. According to the research, by using these products in conjunction with HGH (and in addition to a high protein diet) you will be maximizing your current anabolic potential. This should only further increase the already prominent gains associated with HGH use.

Potential Higher HGH Levels May Help:
Better Digestion
Improved Eyesight
Faster Recovery from Wounds & Muscle Soreness
Enhanced Sexual Function & Desire
Greater Body Flexibility
Hair Growth
Diminished Cellulite
Sagging Skin, Fine Lines, & Wrinkles
Uncontrolled Weight Gain
Diminishing Eyesight
Slow Nail Growth
Low Energy
Joint Problems
Low/High Blood Pressure
Emotional Instability
Improved Stamina
Reduction in Cholesterol and Triglycerides
Sounder Sleep
Enhanced Muscle Tone
HGH is shown to have anti-aging effects
Higher levels of HGH leads to less body fat and also better lean tissue-stored fat ratio
HGH level decrease with age, so supplementation is beneficial
Helps lose fat and improve lean muscle

HGH Pro Uses: Increased exercise performance
Better kidney functions
Lowered blood pressure
8.8% increase in muscle mass on average after six months, without exercise
14.4% loss of fat on average after six months, without dieting
Higher energy levels
Enhanced sexual performance
Regrowth of heart, liver, spleen, kidneys and other organs that shrink with age
Elimination of cellulite
Sharper vision
Mood elevation
Increased memory retention
Improved sleep
Improved cholesterol profile, with higher HDL and
lower LDL
Stronger bones
Faster wound healing
Younger, tighter, thicker skin
Hair re-growth
Wrinkle removal
Greater cardiac output
Superior immune functions
Human Growth Hormone is secreted by the pituitary, and in spite of its small size the pituitary weighs less than a fiftieth of an ounce it has been called the master gland because of its regulatory effect over other glands. One section (the anterior pituitary) produces six major hormones that control body structures and functions from the thyroid to the ovaries and testes. One pituitary hormone human growth hormone (HGH) is responsible for significantly more than maintaining growth during childhood and adolescence. Throughout life, it affects just about every cell in the body and has a major effect on how we feel, act, and look. HGH can turn fat deposits into energy HGH is able to promote the generation of energy from fat, rather than from carbohydrates and proteins. To do so, it breaks down fat deposits, releasing the fatty acids they contain. HGH then stimulates the conversion of the fatty acids to acetyl coenzyme A which is responsible for the production of energy. The process is sparing of both carbohydrates and proteins. HGH helps build muscles A continuous supply of protein is needed to keep muscles in shape. To build more muscle, it takes more protein. Thats where HGH and LiveLeanToday.com comes in: HGH increases the cells content of amino acids, the raw materials cells use to produce protein. It does this by increasing the ability of the amino acids to penetrate the protective membrane that surrounds the cell. HGH increases the cells ability to turn amino acids into proteins. HGH stimulates the production of the RNA and ribosomes that form polysomes, the machinery the cells use to assemble amino acids into protein molecules. HGH also acts to prevent the breakdown of proteins and amino acids. Bones, cartilage, and skin HGH stimulates the liver, and possibly the kidneys, to increase the production of somatomedin. Somatomedin, in turn, promotes the deposition of chondroitin and collagen, essential to the formation and maintenance of healthy bones and cartilage. Old, wrinkled-looking skin is thin skin. It happens with age. It is believed that the effect that HGH has on the production of somatomedin is also responsible for HGH's ability to produce thicker, less wrinkled, younger-looking skin. Live Lean Today has the best prices on all HGH Sprays, supplements and products.

HGH STUDY Effects of Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone, Pituitary Extract and Liver Extract Administered to Adult and Elderly Subjects Deficient in Human Growth Hormone. Objective: Determine the therapeutic efficacy of a combination of three homeopathic substances (human growth hormone, pituitary extract and liver extract) on adult and elderly subjects with adult-onset growth hormone deficiency. Design: Randomized, placebo-controlled study. Methods: Five-month treatment/placebo was administered to twenty-one adult subjects between the ages of 45 and 86 that were deficient in human growth hormone (average baseline Somatomedin-C (IGF-1) values of less than 70 ng/ml). These otherwise healthy subjects were randomly assigned to one of two groups. Oral administration of 15 drops three times per day of the combination homeopathic formulation or of placebo was given to the groups. The combination homeopathic formulation tested was HGH (human growth hormone 30X, pituitary extract 30X, and liver extract 3X). Baseline and five-month reported evaluations include serum levels of Somatomedin-C, glucose, immunoglobulin, calcium, bilirubin and triglycerides as well as measurements of weight and corporal fat. HGH Study Results Effected Values Baseline Values 5 Month Clinical Values Corporal Fat 7.16 +/- 5.8 Decreased to 4.75 +/- 2.64 Weight 65.6 +/- 6.59 Kg Decreased to 62.9 +/- 4.9 Bilirubin 0.18 +/- 0.06 mg/dl Decreased to 0.11 +/- 0.02 mg/dl IGF-1 67.6 +/- 28.59 ng/ml Increased to 154.8 +/- 73.1 ng/ml (an increase of 151.5%) Calcium 9.46 +/- 0.03 mg/dl Increased to 9.71 +/- 0.41 mg/dl Immunoglobuline 1308 +/- 389.2 mg/dl Decreased to 1197 +/- 32.5 mg/dl Insulin- like growth factor-1 or IGF-1 is measured as a convenient indicator of growth hormone secretion, IGF-1 is a basic protein produced primarily by the liver and is very important for postnatal growth. The serum level of IGF-1 is primarily dependent upon the levels of growth hormone within the body. IGF-1 is used to measure approximate growth hormone levels because, unlike growth hormone, IGF-1 levels remain fairly constant throughout the day. Note: The subject with the greatest increase in IGF-1 serum levels experienced an increase of 235% taking the homeopathic HGH combination formulation.

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