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Most Powerful Male Enhancement Pill - Ejaculoid by Goliath Labs
Goliath Labs Ejaculoid is the culmanation of years of researcy to create the most powerful non presciption male semen volumizer.  Ejaculoid unique formula is an explosive combination of vitamins and amino acids.  Ejaculoid only uses the highest quality raw materials.

Ejaculoid is not for erectile dysfunction (Viagra).  Ejaculoid increases your semen volume creating a more exciting orgasm.

Male Sexual Natural Orgasm Explosion
    Promotes Increase in Semen Volume- Our proven formula naturally increases the amount of semen you produce. (See study below)  Ejaculoid has the strongest ingredients in any volumizing formulation, period.
    Reduces refractory period- Recover for the next encounter faster
    Enhances desire - Increased libido allows for more encounters
    Powerful, multiple "Natural Male Orgasms" - More sexual power, more spurts
    Increase your fertility and sex drive - Increased sperm motility
    Better Energy - Feel younger and more energetic with extra drive
    Doctors Approved - Breakthrough formulation, laboratory tested

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