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Basketball Supplement Guide

Basketball Supplement Guide at Shop Live Lean Today

Basketball is the ultimate game of power and speed.  What seperates basketball players from other athletes is the endurance needed to perform at a high level throughout the game. 
Basketball requires a lot of energy for an entire game and for practice for that matter.  Which is why optimal nutrition to fuel your body is essential on a daily basis to build lean muscle tissue, repair tissue to keep you healthy, and and enhance speed and power.
Find the right products to enhance your basketball game from the inside out.  By fueling your body with the right nutrients you can unlock your ability and perform at your highest level.  This give youself the best advantage to compete every game and every practice.
Basketball Supplement Guide
Multivitamins - a basketball players most necessary supplement.  This is important for all players.  It might not be the most sexy of nutritional supplements though without optimal nutrients on a daily basis you will always be a step slower than you could be.  The multivitamins recommended deliver most than just vitamins and minerals they also offer amino acids, digestive enzymes, joint support, energy & focus, and more.
Did you know without the key enzymes in these products you can't develop optimal lean muscle tissue no matter how hard you work or how much protein you eat?  Your body needs certain enzymes everyday to keep your muscle development growing. 

Protein Powder - After any basketball practice or game your have felt the toll bfootball puts on your muscles.  You need adequate protein 5-6 times a day for optimal recovery, rebuilding, and increasing lean muscle tissue.  All basketball players need protein. 

Pre and Post game or practice - whey protein makes the best choice as it has the fastest absorption rate.  Egg protein powder can also work which has a more complete amino acid profile though it doesn't absorb as fast as whey.
Meal Replacement - are a great option to get healthy meals that deliver the complete nutrition of high quality carbohydrates and protein without excess fat.  Meal replacement (MRP) shakes come in ready to drinks (RTD), powders, and packets.  Players that need to add on size can chose Weight Gainers to get high quality fuel that supports muscle mass gains.
Creatine - create is the most important substance a basketball player's body needs.  Create is the energy used to sprint, jump for rebounds, pass the ball, and shoot.  Creatine is stored in your muscle tissue to be ready to create energy for explosive movements like the ones listed above.  Your body produces 2.5g of creatine per day and you need to get 2.5g of creatine per day from your diet.  Creatine supplements are essential because Americans don't have diets high in creatine.
Creatine is not a performance enhancing drug.  Technically, creatine supplementation delivers the store energy your body wants from its nutrition.  If you are taking a creatine supplement on a daily basis you are on average 20% weaker throwing and hitting a baseball then what you should be.
Beta Alanine - Beta alanine is an amino acid that works inside your muscle tissue to increase endurance.  Beta alanine is a precusor to the your body's natural endurnce factor carnosine.  Studies have shown that taking beta alanine supplement increases endurance greater than taking carnosine directly.  Beta Alanine 2000 would be a great choice to increase your endurance for a basketabll game allowing you to perform at your peak for longer.
Non Hormonal Anabolic - basketball players all need to have more muscle tissue.  No matter if you are a lineman or a running back being bigger than the guy lining up from you is important.  Non hormonal anabolics enhance your natural anabolic ability by increasing protein synthesis which is the direct mechanism in your body that builds lean muscle tissue.  Because these products have no effect on your hormone levels they are safe to take and should not be on any banned product list.  You can always check before taking.  Non hormonal anabolics don't have any side effects as they don't mess with your hormone levels.  
HGH Supplements - don't confuse growth hormone supplements with illegal human growth hormone.  HGH supplements support your body's natural growth hormone being released while you sleep.  It is while you are sleeping that your body releases growth hormone to rebuild and grow your muscle tissue.  HGH supplements are natural herbs that enhance your body's growth hormone production to allow optimal levels each night.  This gives your body the best ability to recover and build lean muscle tissue from your hard work.
Caffeine Energy - basketball players know how hard it is to be intense on every play.  Caffeine is a lower level stimulant that is used to increase focus and energy.  A little bit of caffeine can be a great performance boost if you are slugish or tired before a game.  Focus is a competitive advantage that is huge in the ability for you to get off the line first.
Amino Acids - every day at practice and at every game the sprinting, jumping, or shooting breaks down your muscle tissue.  It is amino acids that rebuild your muscle tissue.  Branch chain amino acids are amino acids that you body doesn't produce and you have to get from your diet.  Taking a branch chain amino acid supplement is key to keeping your muscle tissue healthy through entire season.  Many injuries from playing that players get were all avoidable with proper amino acid nutrition.