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Yohimbe and Yohimbine are typically used interchangeability as yohimbe is formed into Yohimbine once in your body.

What is Yohimbe?

Yohimbe (yohimbine) is a popular supplement ingredient know found in diet products and sexual performance aides.  Yohimbe is found in West Africa on the bark of a special tree.  Yohimbe is an all natural herb that is used as a vasodilator with antioxidant properties.

Vasodilator means that Yohimbine increases the size of your arteries which allows for greater blood flow.  Increasing blood flow is important as more blood means more nutrients reaching your muscles.  This especially important for people who do a lot of strenuous physical activity as their muscles require more blood to product energy and remove harmful by products.  The increase in blood flow is also important for those who want to increase their sexual performance as the increase in dilation extends to the sexual organs.

Yohimbe Side Effects

There a few foods that people want to avoid when taking Yohimbine this is do the presence of Tyramine.  Foods to avoid are cheese, liver, and red wine.  Any person taking anti-depressants like Prozac should also avoid using products that contain Yohimbe.  Pregnant women or people with heart conditions should consults their doctor before using Yohimbe.