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Beverly International Energy Reserve
Beverly International Energy Reserve

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L-Carnitine is a co-factor which is required for transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria of your muscle cells where they serve as a substrate...

L-Carnitine is a co-factor which is required for transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria of your muscle cells where they serve as a substrate for energy production while sparing muscle glycogen. Carnitine deficiency causes the fatty acids to back-up and accumulate in the blood ultimately resulting in additional deposition of fat, usually right in the areas where you already have the greatest accumulation. L-Carnitine works synergistically with branched chain amino acids to increase their net metabolism. Remember that the BCAA's are the major amino acid constituents of your muscles. An in-crease in the amino acid content of the muscle will result in, at the very least, increased muscular hardness and possibly new muscle tissue. To sum up, L-Carnitine in-creases the utilization of fats for energy, sparing glycogen and amino acids. In essence, L-Carnitine shifts your fuel source utilization toward fats, leaving your amino acids and glycogen free to build muscle.
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It can't work if it's not in there
Be certain that your L-Carnitine is from a reputable company. L-Carnitine is very expensive to manufacture and is very unstable. It's hard to make and hard to package. Therefore many products listing L-Carnitine on the label do not assay out to the label claim.

Is this for you?
If you are trying to reduce fat, increase muscle hardness, and retain muscle size and strength, it is! Remember, if fatty acids aren't utilized for energy while dieting, muscle tissue becomes your body's main source of fuel. If you want to improve your muscle-to-fat ratio, L-Carnitine supplementation is a must.
Important facts regarding L-Carnitine supplementation

Research indicates the minimum dosage to minimize muscle catabolism while accelerating fat loss while accelerating fat loss is 1000-1200 milligrams daily, divided into two doses.

The dosage research has proven most effective is 2 - 4 grams (2000-4000 mg) in 3-6 daily doses at three to six hour intervals.

L-Carnitine is most effective taken on an empty stomach with water at least 45 minutes prior to eating and again 45 minutes prior to training.

To maximize the effect of Carnitine on the metabolism of branch-chained amino acids take 1200 mg L-Carnitine with a handful of BCAA's thirty minutes after training. You won't believe how quickly you'll recover!

Cycle your L-Carnitine supplementation, 2 - 3 weeks on, 1 - 2 weeks off. L-Carnitine is non toxic but most people experience the fat loss benefits for only two or three weeks at a time due to the body's adaptation.