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Non Stimulant Energy

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What are Stimulant & Non-Stimulant Energies?

• Stimulant Energy: This is the extra energy, generated inside the body by increasing its metabolic & sympathetic nervous system activities, with the help of some external stimulant, such as caffeine and ephedra.

• Non-Stimulant Energy: This is the natural energy of the body, induced by its normal metabolic activities. Non-stimulant energy supplements, our subject of interest here, support these normal energy-generating activities in the body.
Demerits of Stimulant Energy Supplements. Owing to the following reasons, non-stimulants aided energy generation is preferred over the stimulant-leveraged one:

• Stressful. Stimulants resort to the synthetic ways for energy generation in the body. In the process, they over strain the body, resulting in its fatigue, and the draining out of all, or a considerable amount of the energy stored therein.

• Disturbed Homeostasis. A prolonged use or an over dose of stimulants may sometimes disturb the body's self-balancing mechanism, such as its temperature regulation.

• Side Effects. Stimulants may affect the body physically, physiologically, and even psychologically. Insomnia, loss of appetite, body trembling, agitation, restlessness, and tension, are some of the commonest side effects of stimulants.

• Addiction. Stimulants may prove addictive for their consumers.
Benefits of Non-Stimulant Energy Supplements.

• Energy Generation. Non-stimulant energy enhancers do not over load the body system or stress it. They increase the energy levels of the body by boosting its normal metabolic activities.

• Enzymes. Some of the non-stimulant energy enhancers produce enzymes inside the body that leverage its various metabolic activities, such as the oxidation of fat.

• Medications. Non-stimulant energy supplements are not only used for energy generation, but also as medication against several diseases.

• Fast Action. Although, mostly the non-stimulant energy supplements are gradual in their action, however, there are several non-stimulants, which can be as quickly effective as the stimulants.

• Safe. Owing to their ability to generate energy through normal body processes gradually, non-stimulant energy enhancers are often safe for prolonged use.

• Immunity Boost. Non-stimulant energy boosters regulate the production of the required hormones naturally, boosting the body's immunity effectively enough in the process.
Sources of non-stimulant energy:

• Natural Sources. These include cereals, vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk, milk products, meat, fish, etc.

• Supplements. Some very safe ones are “Strattera,” “Lithium Carbonate,” & “Divalproate.” Non-stimulant energy supplements are available in the form of tablets, health drinks, powder, tonics, and extracts.

• Herbs. Tribulus terrestris and Mucuna pruriens are a couple of very effective non-stimulant energy enhancers used against obesity.
Demerits of Non-Stimulant Energy Supplements: As non-stimulant energy supplements have a natural base, therefore, there are no major side effects, except for the occasional following:

• Non-emergency. Non-stimulant energy supplements are gradual in effect and do not show immediate results or quick relief, owing to their natural base and the course of action. Therefore, they cannot be used effectively in the cases of emergencies.

• Side Effects. Some non-stimulant energy enhancers may cause stomachache, gas, or nausea in the case of improper or irregular dosage.