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Sensa 1 Month Starter Kit
Sensa 1 Month Starter Kit

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Manufacturer : Sensa

 1-Month SENSA  Starter Kit  Includes: 30 day supply of SENSA  Tastants How-to Guide Getting Started DVD with Dr. Alan...


 1-Month SENSA Starter Kit 

  • 30 day supply of SENSA Tastants
  • How-to Guide
  • Getting Started DVD with Dr. Alan Hirsch. 

You will receive 2 shakers - 1 for home and 1 to take with you as you will need to use Sensa every time you eat. Shake the Tastants labeled "Sweet" on sweet foods and the Tastants labeled "Salty" on everything else. Combined, these two shakers will last 30 days.

Sensa Ingredients:

The active ingredients in SENSA are the patented blends of natural and artificial flavors which change each month. SENSA contains Maltodextrin (Derived from Corn from the USA), Tricalcium Phosphate, Silica, Natural and Artificial Flavors. SENSA also contains Soy and Milk ingredients. SENSA is sodium-free, sugar-free, calorie free, and there are no stimulants, diuretics, or MSG. 

How much do I shake exactly?

Shake SENSA evenly on the entire surface of your food. The amount of Tastants depends on how large your meal is, so just use your best judgment and don't over think it

• Do I shake before or after cooking?

The Tastants should not be used before or while cooking your food. SENSA works best when you shake it right before eating. This way, your sense of smell can properly interact with the Tastants.

• Can I shake my food when I am packing my lunch or do I have to do it just before eating?

We recommend shaking SENSA on your food right before you eat to achieve maximum results.

• Why do you have to switch to Month 2 if you still have some Month 1 left over?

Depending on how much you eat, you may have extra Tastants at the end of the month. You would still move to the next month's Tastants. This is because your body can become accustomed to the Tastants and they will not be as effective if you use them for longer than 30 days. Dr. Hirsch has specifically developed new and different Tastants for each month to ensure that you continue losing weight. If you find that you have a lot of Tastants left over, then you should shake more Tastants on your food the next month.

• I'm sharing the 2-month Starter Kit with someone. Does it matter if one of us uses month 1 and the other month 2?

You are given two shakers for each month; one to use at home, and one to take with you. If sprinkled on all meals and snacks, the 2 shakers should last one user approximately 30 days.  At the end of the month, we recommend that you move on to Month 2 so your body does not become resistant to the blend, and you can continue to lose weight.  If you share or give away one of the shakers, you may run out of Tastants before the end of 30 days and you may not experience the maximum weight loss benefits.  Remember that the SENSA system is backed by scientific research, and we have no studies to show that the same weight-loss effects will be achieved if you share, skip or rearrange months in the system.

• Do I need to put more SENSA on leftovers if I already put it on the first time?

To ensure that your sense of smell is properly engaged, we recommend you re-shake leftovers with a second round of SENSA®.

• How do I get it to stick to foods like grapes, nuts or pretzels?

Some users have found that spraying a fine mist of water to grapes or strawberries to get the Tastants to stick is effective. You can also shake SENSA over the plate or in the bag (chips or pretzels) so that the Tastants touch all of your food.

• If I eat a sandwich, burger or a burrito, should I shake SENSA® on the outside or inside of it?

To achieve maximum results, we recommend shaking SENSA® liberally on the outside layer of foods like sandwiches, salads, fruit salads, burgers and burritos.

• If I eat something like pasta or salad, do I have to re-shake when I have eaten the top layer?

As long as you shake SENSA® over the entire surface of your meal, there is no need to re-shake it over each layer.

• Is it possible to shake too much SENSA?

If you are finding that you are running out of Tastants long before the month is over, you may be using too much. There is no need to worry if you have used too much SENSA, just think about using less next time.