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Pump Spray 8oz E-Pharm Topical Muscle Volumizing Fat Melter
Pump Spray 8oz E-Pharm Topical Muscle Volumizing Fat Melter

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Pump Spray 8oz E-Pharm Pump Spray is a groundbreaking product from E-Pharm scientifically designed to give more ripped, fuller, and vascular looking...


Pump Spray 8oz E-Pharm

Pump Spray is a groundbreaking product from E-Pharm scientifically designed to give more ripped, fuller, and vascular looking muscles. Using ingredients known to produce vasodilation as well as neovascularization - growth of new blood vessels - the results are the appearance of larger veins as well as the promotion of increased capillary density to feed growing tissue. The ingredients in Pump Spray also are effective in reducing body fat, and promoting glucose uptake, so the overall effect on physique appearance is very impressive. We're calling it a . What a mouth full. Pick it up at Live Lean Today.com to get ready for your next bodybulding contest.

Pump Spray contains two never before seen natrually derived non-hormonal ingredients - Arginine Ursolic Acetate, and Triacetyladenosine. These patent pending ingredients are delivered using a topical cosmetic formulation and will produce noticeable changes to the physique - often within two weeks. The science supporting the power of these ingredients is formidable, so read more about Pump Spray then get yours today!

Topical Muscle Volumizing Fat Melter. Increased muscle volume & vascularity. Increased muscle definition. Dual action vasodilation. Starts working immediately. Cumulative benefits with each usage. All natural - non-hormonal. Developed by world renowned "Balco Chemist" Patrick Arnold (inventor of The Clear), E-Pharm's Pump Spray contains two original and patent pending ingredients designed to produce rapid and sustained increases in muscle blood flow and fat tissue reduction. Effects on muscle pump and vascularity can be noticed after the first administration, and with repeated daily use a dramatic and more permanent full, muscular, and ripped looked can be achieved over two to four weeks. Pump Spray contains two active ingredients. The first is an extremely soluble ester/salt of ursolic acid called Arginine Ursolic Acetate (AUA). Ursolic acid is well documented to produce dramatic reductions in fat mass accompanied by increases in muscle mass. Ursolic acid also stimulates the activity of eNOS, the enzyme which produces nitric oxide in blood vessels. Not only does ursolic acid increase NO production, it has also been shown to increase neovascularization - the production of new blood vessels! However, since ursolic acid does not work when applied topically, Patrick has ionically combined an ester form of ursolic acid with the NO precursor arginine - thereby increasing its penetrability and its solubility over a thousand fold.

The second ingredient is Triacetyladenosine, a derivative of Adenosine. Adenosine is a compound released by the muscles during exercise and it is recognized as one of the key biochemical regulators of skeletal muscle hyperemia ("the pump"). Adenosine is normally quickly destroyed by the enzyme adenosine deaminase, however through the process of acetylation Patrick has discovered a way to protect the adenosine compound. No one has been able to unleash the true power of adenosine until now. Pump Spray's combination of sophisticated and proprietary ingredients has the potential to give you results you never thought possible. If used as directed, you can achieve results that surpass anything you thought a natural stack could ever do!

Pump Spray - Neovascularization

Neovascularization (also known as angiogenesis) is the formation of new vascular pathways. In the case of skeletal muscle, neovascularization is a healthy response that is stimulated by exercise. Intense exercise stimulates reactions in the muscle which increase its size, strength, as well as endurance. To support this larger and stronger muscle tissue there must be a corresponding increase in the ability of your body to feed the new tissue. This is where neovascularization comes into play.

Many people hit plateaus in training. Their muscles grow only so big and then they find it hard to make any further gains. This can be due to limitations in many areas, including the ability to activate genes that promote protein synthesis and/or an inability to repress genes responsible for protein degradation. It may also of course be due to inadequate intake of proper protein, calories, and essential nutrients to support muscle growth. Another possibility is that the body is unable to supply the muscle with the proper oxygen and substrates needed to support growth because the network of blood vessels and capillaries feeding it have not been adequately developed.

Much like how an army can only advance so far without adequate supply lines, your muscles can only grow so large without adequate vascular infiltration. This is where Pump Spray comes to the rescue. Pump Spray’s two ingredients are proven to increase the production of vascular endothelial growth factor -1 (VEGF1), which is the signal protein released by muscle when it undergoes stress due to exercise that depletes oxygen and energy substrates. VEGF1 signals the muscles to sprout new blood vessels and capillaries off of existing ones to facilitate the growth and metabolic adaptations needed to handle the exercise strain.

By supporting and enhancing your body’s own natural neovascularization response, you ensure that you maintain optimal anabolic supply lines so that your muscles can continue their hypertrophic blitzkrieg offensive! Not to mention the fact that roadmap veins covering your muscles definitely make a formidable fitness statement!

Pump Spray Directions

Apply Pump Spray over as much skin surface as possible, starting with legs and working up to midsection, chest, inside and outside of arms, neck, and as much of the back as can be reached. This will require approximately 40-60 sprays. Pump Spray must be used over the entire body for its effects to be maximized. It is not intended for localized effects. Pump Spray should be used at least once a day. Suggested times of use are 15-45 minutes prior to exercise or after showering and drying off. If used twice a day, applications should be separated by at least 8 hours.

Pump Spray Warnings and Side Effects

For topical use only. Do not ingest. Intended to be used by males and females 18 and older.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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