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M1D Black LG Sciences Testosterone Prohormone No Side Effects
M1D Black LG Sciences Testosterone Prohormone No Side Effects

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Manufacturer : LG Sciences

M1D Black by LG Sciences Is No Longer Manufactured and is now called M1D Andro. M1D Black delivers a testosterone based prohormone to bring your...

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M1D Black by LG Sciences Is No Longer Manufactured and is now called M1D Andro.

M1D Black delivers a testosterone based prohormone to bring your body's hormone levels back into balance which will allow you to build the best muscle gains yet.

LG Sciences prohormones are not subject to the side effects associated with other methylated prohormones and new research has shown that using good prohormones is actually good for every male and not just for bodybuilders or pro athletes.  Our bodies are loaded with too much estrogen and M1D Black returns our body back to the testosterone producing muscle building machine it should be.

Side Effects Injectable Steroids Methylated Steroids LG Prohormones
Painful injection sites Yes No No
Severe liver damage No Yes No
Bacteria infections Yes No No
Blood clots Yes No No
Back spasms No Yes No
High blood pressure No Yes No

All of these theories are based on preliminary studies found in the published literature. In science rarely anything is truly "proven" and we learn new things every day. We strive to make quality products based on sound theories. LG Sciences is committed to making the best sports supplements on the market.

3betaHydroxy-Androst-5-Ene-17-One – is the prohormone component of M1D Black. This prohormone is often known as dehydroepiandrosterone however that name is misleading. We theorize when this prohormone is combined with the right cofactors it can boost testosterone and other key androgens which is what your body needs in addition to exercise and diet to get in shape especially in light of all of the environmental chemical disruptors. (1,2,3)

2-Phenyl-benzo{h}chromen-4-one - this natural anti-estrogen is extracted from passion flower and preliminary studies suugest that it is more potent than many other aromatase inhibitors. We believe, based on some preimiary studies, that the combination of 3betaHydroxy-Androst-5-Ene-17-One with an aromatase inhibitor will boost testosterone where others failed! (4,5)

L-Carnitine L-Tartarate - this amino acid salt has been shown in preliminary studies to increase the effects of the androgen receptor after intense exercise. This means that the increase in testosterone is amplified with LCLT. (6)

Cissus quandrangularis (Whole Plant extract) - this natural product has very good anecdotal reports of being a natural anabolic. Preliminary literature suggests it may inhibit cortisol and reduce inflammation. (7,8)

Stinging Nettle (Root Extract)- this natural extract is thought to reduce the enzyme 5aReductase and reduce SHBG activity. This will help prevent hair loss and also make androgens more potent by being more available. (9,10)

Phellodendron amurensis (Bark Extract) - this extract was shown in one initial study to be as potent as the ancillary drug tamoxifen at reducing the effects of estrogen. This natural (S)ERM is intended to reduce the estrogenic effects in the body.

Piperine- this ingredient has been shown to help the absorption of numerous dietary supplements. (11)

Luteolin - this ingredient is a natural blocker of enzymes that deactivate prohormones. we theorize it will help make our prohormone products more active.