Testosterone Boosters

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What is Testosterone? Testosterone is essentially a Male Hormone, produced in both, males and females, though in much smaller a quantity in the later as compared to the former. Testosterone is produced in the Testes of Males and in the Ovaries of Females. The level of the production of Testosterone in both, males and females, is at its peak during Puberty or Adolescence.
Functions of Testosterone. The key functions of Testosterone in the male body are listed below: 

    Skeletal and Muscular development
    Growth of Body Hair, including Beard
    Modifications in  Vocal Cords to produce the deep male voice
    Enhancing sexual drive and sexual function
    Growth of Prostate Gland and setting its function in motion
    Production of Sperm
    Increase in stamina

Testosterone Deficiency. Testosterone is produced in males all through their lives. Its production level however, diminishes with age. A deficiency of Testosterone in both, males and females, may bring about depression, low self-esteem, poor sex drive, lassitude, and exhaustion.
Natural Testosterone Boosters. Natural Testosterone Boosters are natural products, with various herbs as ingredients that supplement the Testosterone levels in the human body.
Benefits of Natural Testosterone Boosters. Natural Testosterone Supplements help compensate the hormonal deficits and result in several positive effects in the human body, especially in males.

    Increased Lean Muscle Mass. Natural Testosterone Boosters aid in building Muscles Mass and for this reason are very popular amongst athletes, body builders, and weight lifters.
    Increased Stamina. An increase in the level of Testosterones boosts strength, stamina, and energy in the body.
    Reduced Body Fat. Natural Testosterone Boosters augment the level of Testosterone, leading to Lean Muscle Mass, and an effectual reduction of Fat in the body.
    Reduced Cholesterol. Natural Testosterone Boosters aid the Metabolism in the body, resulting in the lowered levels of Cholesterol.
    Enhanced Libido. Natural Testosterones Boosters help increase libido or sexual drive in men, and are said to enhance their sexual performance.
    Mood Elevation. Testosterone drives away Depression and therefore, Psychiatrists often prescribe Natural Testosterone Boosters for its treatment. 

Dosage. Natural Testosterone Boosters generally come in the form tablets and capsules. The dosage should be as prescribed by a qualified physician.
Side Effects of Natural Testosterone Boosters. Natural Testosterone Boosters are produced from natural elements and herbs and therefore do not have any major side effects, if consumed as prescribed. However, if the boosters are taken in excess, they may cause hormonal imbalance in the body, which may have the following symptoms:

    Excessive sexual drive
    Extremely oily skin
    Abnormal growth of Body Hair
    Problem in sleeping

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