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After the ban on prohormones, manufacturers went back to the drawing board and what they created where even more powerful prohormone formulas that were safer. The key to the new legal pro-hormones is safety, as the ban was because though they worked for exceptional muscle mass growth they had some negative side effects. (1)

Pro-Hormones are nutritional supplements that are the strongest muscle building agents without becoming illegal steroids.

The ban on pro hormones is do the hair loss and gyno issues with the earlier pro-hormones. Hairloss was an issue for both male and females who used pro hormones as a replacement for steroids. Important to check with your prohormone to see that it blocks hairloss from happening. Methyl-1D is one product that doesn't allow for the hairloss side effect.

Gyno refers to the increase in estrogen to balance the increase in testosterone product from the use of prohormones. The increase in estrogen caused major sexual issues including man breasts, small penis, and loss of sexual performance. Make sure your new prohormone blocks these pathways to prevent any gyno side effects.

Shop Live Lean Today offers the best legal prohormones on the market. Prohormones are for those that what drastic bulk mass size gains and unbelievable strength gains. The legal prohormones add extra ingredients to block receptors from causing gyno, increase in estrogen, or hair loss.

Prohormones unlock your body's anabolic ability and you will find them at the best prices at Shop Live Lean Today.

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