Amino Acids BCAA

Amino Acids BCAA
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Amino acids supplements are paramount for optimal muscle nutrition and athletic performance.  Any person wanting to build lean muscle tissue, amino acids are for you.
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List of 20 Amino Acids that are formed to make are protein chains
    * alanine - ala
    * arginine - arg
    * asparagine - asn
    * aspartic acid - asp
    * cysteine - cys
    * glutamine - gln
    * glutamic acid - glu
    * glycine - gly
    * histidine - his
    * isoleucine - ile
    * leucine - leu
    * lysine - lys
    * methionine - met
    * phenylalanine
    * proline - pro
    * serine - ser
    * threonine - thr
    * tryptophan - trp
    * tyrosine - tyr
    * valine - val
What are Amino Acids? Amino Acids are the Organic Molecules, composed of Amino and Carboxylic Acid groups. They are the essential Biochemical building blocks of Cell Growth and Tissues Repair inducing Nitrogenous compounds, Proteins. There are 22 or so Amino Acids, out of which, eight are Essential (Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, and Valine). These Essential Amino Acids are vital for the body, though it does not produce them. They must therefore be supplied to the body through food or through Amino Acids Supplements.
Food Sources of Protein: Eggs, Tofu, Milk, Yoghurt, Fish, Cheese, Beef, and Chicken, to name some.
What are Amino Acids Supplements? Amino Acids Supplements are an effective and useful blend of Essential Amino Acids, needed for a growing and healthy human body.
Requirement of Amino Acids Supplements. Everyone, especially the growing children, needs Amino Acids. Still, people who can categorically benefit from Amino Acids Supplements are Vegetarians, those suffering from Allergies, Stress-Related Fatigue, or Hypoglycemia. Doctors can easily determine the probability and the degree of Amino Acids Deficiency in a person, with the help of a simple Blood Test.
Amino Acids Deficiency Symptoms. Symptoms suggesting the need for Amino Acids Supplements include, poor digestion, which may signal the lowered production of Digestive Enzymes in the body. This in turn, results in the improper assimilation of food, which eventually leads to ill health.
Benefits of Amino Acids Supplements.
Protein Formation. Linked Amino Acids chains result in Protein formation, including Nucleoproteins, DNA & RNA. Protein forms all our Cells and Tissues (for e.g., Muscular System, Organs, Glands, Hair, Nail, Connective Tissues), including repairing them. Therefore, Amino Acids, in the form of Protein molecules, are the foundations of our physical growth. Amino Acids Supplements speed up this Protein Formation, thereby leveraging the body's growth process.
Strength Building. Protein is a major component of Muscle Tissues. Amino Acids Supplements help deliver Protein to the body, thereby accelerating the rate of Muscles Building. In effect, there is a considerable gain in Muscular Strength, which is very helpful for Athletes, Bodybuilders, and Sports Persons.
Enzymes Production. Amino Acids are responsible for producing several types of Digestive Enzymes in the body. Amino Acids Supplements therefore help in the proper assimilation and digestion of food, resulting in your well-being.
Hormones Production. Amino Acids also constitute Peptide Hormones in the body, which play a key role in alleviating Mood Swings & Aggression, while boosting Concentration and Sleep.
Improved Endurance. In the case of rigorous exercises lasting over 60 minutes, the body tends to draw on its Protein and Fat stores for fuel. This results in damaged and worn out Tissues. Amino Acids Supplements boost the Protein formation in the body to replace lost Protein and aid in the repair of damaged Tissues. This results in increased Endurance and quick recovery.
Miscellaneous: Apart from the above mentioned roles, Amino Acids
Supplements also help:
Lower Blood Pressure
Ease different types of pains
Fight Heart Diseases and protect from Stroke
Transport Oxygen with Blood
Stabilize Blood Sugar level
Stabilize pH level in the body
Manufacture Antibodies and strengthen Immune System
Precautions with Amino Acids Supplements.
High Quality. Do check the ingredients list on the label of the Amino Acids Supplement you buy. This helps you ascertain the quality and the relevance of the formula.
Assumptions. Administration of Amino Acids Supplements should ideally be under expert medical guidance else, a harmonious balance of Amino Acids in the body may be disrupted.
Overdose: High doses of certain Amino Acids may be toxic for the body and may cause Diarrhea, Vomiting, or Nausea. 

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