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Natural Drug Free BodyBuilding

Natural BodyBuilding and Drug Free Body Builders

 Natural BodyBuilding, what does that mean? Steroids created the term, before steroids everyone was natural. However steroids only have not just blurred the line of what a nautural bodybuilder is.  In the past few years the new and high tech supplements have blurred the distinction between legal supplementation and steroids. So claiming that you are drug free but using a nor-andro which was converting to a steroid compound in your liver, was not the truth, well sort of. These products did and still do give you steroid like effects.The addition of these various pro-hormonal, Nor Andro, Nor Diol stacks and related supplements to the bodybuilder's arsenal has caused many to conclude that natural bodybuilding may no longer exists. It is a tough question to answer, where exactly do you drawl the natural bodybuilding line.

What is natural? Certainly vitamins and minerals exist in nature, but pure German creatine, ephedra, testosterone boosters, nitric oxide boosters don't exist in nature without human intervention. Going to a tanning bed is not natural. Staining your skin to a darker than dark tone, is not natural, nor does it look natural. Looks great on stage, and certainly brings out the definition of a lean hard muscled male or female bodybuilding competitor. Even amino acids in the supplement form and creatine do exist in nature the way the do on the shelves at Live Lean Today.com The obvious answer to these questions is No they are not naturally occurring. Even the act of bodybuilding is not natural. I don't remember any old painting or sculptures of bodies with striated glutes. On the other hand, while it is possible to achieve an impressive and healthy physique without supplementation you need to be aware that the proper use and combination of legal supplements will increase the speed of your physical transformation and that your competitor (should you decide to compete) is likely using them to his or her advantage.

So does natural bodybuilding even exist? For the bodybuilding competitions and competitive bodybuilders, the answer lies within the rules of the sanctioning or governing body or organization. For this reason it is always advisable to check the banned substance list for your competition months, even years before deciding to do it. That way if you are taking a product on the banned list you can stop taking it and clear it from your system. Some drug free body building organizations are not based on a urine test. Some will give the competitor a polygraph and ask if you have been clean for 1 year, 5 year, lifetime. If you meet the requirements of the sanctioning body (recognized group or authority that sanctions and validates competitions) then you can consider yourself to be "a natural bodybuilder". On the other hand, many events are not drug tested at all. If you know in advance that you are competing in a non-tested event and then loose to someone that you believe to be an enhanced athlete, don't complain. You chose to compete under those rules.

A natural bodybuilder must understand and respect their own genetic limitations. It is important that our physique goals be reasonable and obtainable. If your goal is to eventually look like a Mr Olympia, then you need to find the biggest guy in the gym and get a black market steroid hook-up. Because it has probably been 40-50 years since there has been drug-free Mr O. Don't quote me on that, it is just from my vast knowledge of bodybuilding. I get asked by bodybuilding competitors who ask, "How many more drugs do I have to take". Some were frightened, they see a very dim light at the end of the tunnel and they know where it is leading them.

Therefore, as a natural trainer, you must respect your genetics, you must respect your limitations and you must respect your long term health. Your training, nutrition, supplementation and recovery program must reflect your goals. If you're going to call yourself a bodybuilder, then train like one and educate yourself. Anything less and your just a person who works out.

You should be aware however that valid and accurate drug screening is expensive and that cheaters occasionally go undetected. This is a sad fact about our sport because natural athletes need and deserve a level playing field. Once caught however, a failed drug test is usually sufficient to ban the competitor for life. For the purpose of attempting to define the term however, suffice to say that the term "natural" implies that the athlete has not engaged in the use of performance enhancing drugs or substances banned by the sanctioning organization of a competitive event. 

 While this topic is controversial in some circles, it is important that natural athletes not try to assume a moral superiority over our enhanced brothers. Our sport has yet to receive full recognition by the public and quarreling amongst ourselves will not help our cause. The important thing is that you remain true to yourselves as athletes, and promote our sport, not only in word, but in deed.

These are the typical rules to compete in a Drug Free Natural Body Building Contest.

  • All competitors must be drug free for amount of time allocated for the competition they are in. National and International events have a minimum of 5 years drug free, unless stipulated differently. Drug testing is to conform to IOC regulated Standards.
  • Once your entry form is received you will be contacted to verify your appointment time for the polygraph test.
  • You must obtain two characters references attesting that you have been drug free depending on amount of time allocated for the competition.
  • Depending on the competition, overall winners may be required to take an additional test, urine or blood.
  • This includes all performance enhancing "drugs" that are on the IOC banned list.
  • All athletes must pass a polygraph or urine test every 60 days.
  • Random drug testing at each event.
  • If an athlete tests positive for a banned substance they will be suspended from competing for a minimum of one year up to lifetime ban.
  • The athlete suspension begins immediately upon receipt of a positive test.
  • The athlete has the right to appeal the decision, however, the suspension remains in effect until either the "B" sample confirms or refutes the findings.
  • Make yourself aware of all banned substances. Ignorance of a substance status as banned is not an excuse.
List of currently banned substances for Natural Body Builders

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