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Banned Performance Enhancers

Official Banned Substances 

The following is a thorough not complete list of banned and, or restricted substances. The list is ever grwoing so check back frequently. Please check with the appropriate IOC regulated body for a complete and current list. We would hate for you, a competitor, to be disqualified for lack of knowledge about a banned drug.

A. Stimulants

  • amiphenazole
  • amphetamines
  • amineptine
  • cocaine
  • ephedrine
  • fencamfamine
  • mesocarb
  • pentylentetrazol
  • pipradol
  • amfepramone metamfetamine
  • amineptine methoxyphenamine
  • amfetamine methylendioxyamfetamine
  • cathine methylephedrine
  • cropropamide nikethamide
  • crotetamide norphenfluramine
  • etamivan parahydroxyamfetamine
  • etilamfetamine pemoline
  • etilefrine phendimetrazine
  • fencamfamin phentermine
  • fenetylline phenylpropanolamine
  • fenfluramine pholedrine
  • heptaminol prolintane
  • mefenorex propylhexedrine
  • mephentermine pseudoephedrine
  • mesocarb salbutamol
  • strychnine
  • salbutamol & terbutaline (are permitted by inhaler only and must be declared to the relevant medical authority.)

NOTE: All imidazole preparations are acceptable for topical use, e.g. oxymetazoline. Vasoconstrictors (e.g. adrenaline) may be administered with local anesthetic agents. Topical preparations (e.g. nasal, ophthalmologic) of Phenylephrine are permitted.

B. Narcotic analgesics

  • dextromoramide
  • dextropropoxyphene
  • diamorphine
  • methadone
  • morphine
  • pentazocine
  • pethidine
  • ethylmorphine
  • hydrocodone
  • propoxyphene

NOTE: Codeine, Dextromethorphan, Dihydrocodeine, Diphenoxylate and Pholcodine are permitted.

C. Anabolic agents

The Anabolic class includes all anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) and Beta-2 Agonists.

Anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS)

The AAS class includes testosterone and substances that are related in structure and activity to it. They have been misused in sport to increase muscle strength bulk, and to promote aggressiveness.

This includes but not limited to:

  • (1)Anabolic steroids
  • (2)Beta2-agonists
  • boldenone metenolone
  • clenbuterol methandriol
  • clostebol methyltestosterone
  • danazol mibolerone
  • dehydrochlormethyltest nandrolone
  • dihydrotestosterone norethandrolone
  • drostanolone oxandrolone
  • fluoxymesterone oxymesterone
  • formebolone oxymetholone
  • Insulin stanozolol
  • metandienone testosterone
  • trenbolone
  • Winstrol
  • clostebol
  • fluoxymesterone
  • metandienone
  • metenolone
  • nandrolone
  • oxandrolone
  • stanozolol
  • testosterone

... and related substances

Note: The administration of testosterone is banned. The presence of a testosterone (T) to epitestosterone (E) ratio greater than six (6) to one (1) in the urine of a competitor constitutes an offense unless there is evidence that this ratio is due to a physiological or pathological condition, e.g. low epitestosterone excretion, androgen production by tumor, enzyme deficiencies.

Beta-2 Agonists

Some examples of beta-2 Agonists are:

  • clenbuterol
  • salbutamol
  • terbutaline
  • saimeterol
  • fenoterol

.... and related substances

D. Diuretics

Some examples of diuretics are:

  • acetazolamide
  • bumetanide
  • chlorthalidone
  • ethacrynic acid
  • furosemide
  • hydrochlorothiazide
  • mannitol
  • mersalyl
  • spironolactone
  • triamterene

.... and related substances

E. Peptide and Glycoprotein hormones and analogues

… and related substances


A. Blood doping

B. Pharmacological, chemical and physical manipulation

(The responsible authorities ban the use of substances and of methods that alter the integrity and validity of urine samples used in doping controls. Examples of banned methods are catheterization, urine substitution and/or tampering, inhibition of renal excretion. e.g. by probenecid and related compounds, and epitestosterone administration.)


Local anesthetics

Injectable local anesthetics are permitted under the following conditions:

(a) that bupivacaine, lidocaine, mepivacaine, procaine etc. are used but not cocaine.

Vasoconstrictor agents (e.g. adrenaline) may be used in conjunction with local aesthetics.

(b) only local or intra-articular injections may be administered;

(c) only when medically justified (i.e. the details including diagnosis, dose and route of

administration must be submitted immediately in writing to the relevant medical authority.

D. Corticosteroids

The use of Corticosteroids is banned except

(a) for topical use (aural, opthalmological and dermatogical) but not rectal;

(b) by inhalation;

(c) by intra-articular or local injection.

E. Beta-blockers

Some examples of beta-blockers are:

  • acebutalol
  • alprenolol
  • atenolof
  • labetalol
  • metoprolol
  • nadolol
  • oxprenolol
  • propranolol
  • sotalol

.... and related substances.

Conclusion is read everything, know everything, ask everything. If you do not know whats in it find out, if you cannot find out, DONT TAKE IT! It takes a lot of time, hard work and money to compete drug free, don't blow it on a unknown product that may have an ingredient that gets you disqualified.