Apple Pectin

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What is Apple Pectin? Pectin is water soluble, fibrous gelling agent of Polysaccharide & Carbohydrates, found naturally in apples, citrus fruits, grapes, berries, and bran to mention some. As the name suggests, Apple Pectin is derived from apples, as they are a very rich source of Pectin. The fruit is about 10% of Carbohydrates, 4% Minerals & Vitamins, and the rest, more than 80% is water.
Market Forms of Apple Pectin. Apple Pectin is available in the market in the form of powder, tablets, jams, jellies, & drinks.
Chemical Composition of Apple Pectin. Chemically, Apple pectin is a long chain of Methoxylated Polygalacturonic Acids (C6H10O7).These Galacturonic molecules are linked together with Alfa-1, 4 Glucosidic Linkage, naturally Esterfied with Methyl Groups, imparting the known aroma of apple.
Benefits of Apple Pectin.
  • Minerals. Apple Pectin is rich in Minerals, which are vital for Metabolism, Brain function, and the body's overall well-being. Apple Pectin contains Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Manganese, Iron, & Selenium, and the traces of Copper & Zinc.
  • Vitamins. Apple Pectin is also laden with health boosting Vitamins A, C, & E.
  • Bones Friendly. Being rich in Vitamin C & E, Apple Pectin increases Bone strength and is therefore, especially good for growing children & those with weak bones.
  • Bowel Friendly. Pectin is usually used as an emulsifier. However, it is a Dietary Fiber as well and therefore, helps alleviate constipation. Being fibrous, Apple Pectin locks water. In the body, after absorbing water, Apple Pectin swells and sticks to the inner walls of Intestines, thereby helping in the formation of smooth stools, resulting in turn in easy Bowel Movement.
  • Prevents Gastrointestinal Tumors. The property of Apple Pectin of sticking to Intestinal Walls is very effective against harmful Bacteria E-Coli, which destruct the inner walls of Intestine, resulting in Tumors
  • Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases. Apple Pectin has Cholesterol absorbing property, which reduces the Cholesterol level in the body thereby, preventing the incidence of Cardiovascular Diseases.
  •  Terminator of Cancer Cells
Apple Pectin is anti-carcinogenic in nature and therefore, prevents Cancer. Methoxylated Polygalacturonic present in Apple Pectin helps it attract the existing Cancer Cells in the body and lock itself with them. This locking prevents the Cancer Cells from affecting the other healthy Cells & Tissues in the body.
  • Diabetes Control. Apple Pectin is also a good absorber of Sugar, which in effect, helps it control the Glucose level inside the body, thereby lowering the risk of Diabetes.
  • Detoxification. Apple Pectin removes unwanted metals & toxins from the body, making it an effective Detoxifying Agent.
Side Effects of Apple Pectin. Being completely natural, as such, there are no side effects of Apple Pectin. It should though be consumed in a balanced amount. A sudden consumption of Apple Pectin in large amounts may cause Gas or Bloating for some.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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