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What is Insulin? Insulin is a hormone secreted by the Islet Cells in the Pancreas. Like most hormones, Insulin is also a Protein.
Functions of Insulin. The roles of Insulin are multiple, which eventually result in the efficient and the effective functioning of the body. Some key roles include:
  • Maintaining Glucose Levels. Insulin acts as a stimulator to activate the cells in the body for storing extra Glucose in the form of Glycogen. This way Insulin helps keep a check on the level of Blood Sugar in the body.
  • Growth. Insulin helps the body to store and utilize Glycogen as a source of energy. The body uses this energy for body movement, tissue growth, & repair, and many other functions.
  • Protein Synthesis. Insulin aids Liver and Kidney Cells to turn Amino Acids into Proteins, a process called Protein Synthesis. Proteins help in tissues & cells repair, body growth, and building the Muscle Cells.
  • Multi functions. Insulin eliminates the other derivatives of food from the body by activating Fat Cells to turn Fats into Fatty Acids and therefore, helps in controlling Body Fat. In addition, Insulin checks the Liver and Kidneys from generating Glucose from partially metabolized materials; else, it can harm Liver or Kidneys.
What are Insulin Potentiators? Insulin Potentiator, as the name suggests, is any substance that enhances the effects of Insulin in the body to ensure its efficient functioning. In other words, it makes Insulin more potent or powerful. Insulin Potentiator Supplements boost the performance of Insulin in the body.
Insulin Potentiators are used as medication for Diabetic patients, as they stimulate Insulin in the body to keep the Blood Sugar under control. Diabetes is the condition when the body does not produce the required amounts of Insulin for an efficient functioning of the body or does not produce it at all. Sportsmen and Body Builders use Insulin Potentiators for Lean Muscles Growth.
Sources of Insulin Potentiators. There are many natural substances, which act as Insulin Potentiators. These include the extracts of Banana Leaf, Bilberry, Green Tea, Blueberry Leaf, Bitter Melon, Cinnamon, and Chromium. These sources are active ingredients of Insulin Potentiators Supplements. Just like natural potentiators, the supplements also help in enhancing the effectiveness of Insulin in the body.
Negative Effects of Insulin Potentiators. Insulin, when taken without requirement, may have several negative effects on our health. The few known effects of the over production of Insulin, are listed below:
  • Lower Blood Pressure. Many Insulin Potentiators are known to lower the Blood Pressure of the body, which may be damaging.
  • Increased Body Fat. An over stimulation of Insulin may lead to a significant increase in body fat.
  • Poor Metabolism. Undue increase in the levels of Insulin in the body may lead to imbalances in Metabolism.
Insulin is a natural hormone and the body produces it according to its requirements. Therefore, any unwarranted increase in its levels may cause imbalances in the body. It is advisable to administer Insulin Potentiators only under the strict guidance of a physician.

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