EpiAndro LG Sciences Max Androgen to Estrogen Ratio 90 ct

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EpiAndro LG Sciences Max Androgen to Estrogen Ratio 90 ct
  • Manufactured by: LG Sciences
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Maximize Androgen to Estrogen Ratio - Buy EpiAndro by LG Sciences

Epi Andro is the porhormone to the powerful natural steroid stanolone.  EpiAndro as a steroidal hormone doesn't deliver androgen activity though instead maximizes the adnrogen to estrogen ratio.

Lg Sciences has found that people who combine this steroid with a proper diet and training program achieve max results.

Things Need to Know LG Sciences Prohormones

  1. No liver toxicity with LG Sciences legal prohormones
  2. All results depend on effective diet and training program
  3. Prohormones have potential side effects though rare so read the warning on the bottle
  4. You should be over 21 to take this product

Supplement Facts: men over 21 Only
Serving Size: 2 ml
Servings Per Container: 90

Proprietary Blend 25 mg

other ingredients: water, glycerol, HPBCD, citric acid, NA Benzoate, Ca EDTA,K Sorbate, N&A Flavor, Sucralose, Ace K Stevia, Xanthin Gum. *% Daily Value Not Available

Directions: Shake Well. Adapta caps snap down and the screw on.  Dispense 2 ml under the tongue.  Hodl the contens under your tongue for 60 seconds, then swish the contenst aroudn your mouth and awallow compeltely.  use 3 does spread our during the day with at least 30 minutes between does.  Example: 2 ml upon waking, 2 ml at 5 pm and 2 ml before bed.

Current Reviews: 0

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