Looking Trim Ephedra Diet Weight Loss Supplements Hoodia P57

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Looking Trim Ephedra Diet Weight Loss Supplements Hoodia P57
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Diet Weight Loss Supplements with Hoodia P57 and Ephedra – Looking Trim

This product is no longer being manufactured and Live Lean Today has the only remaining stock. We are down to a few dozens bottles and once those are gone they are gone for good.

Looking Trim takes a three prong approach to weight loss making it a premium diet supplement.  The unique combination of ephedra, Hoodia P57, and Advantra-Z works together to achieve weight loss faster.

Ephedra is the premier weight loss supplement ingredient as it works as increase caloric expenditure plus the ability to burn fat through thermogenesis.  Ephedra is one of the strongest metabolic stimulants in diet supplements with 12mg of ephedra in Looking Trim.  Looking Trim consists of ephedra leaf extract which is how Mother nature intended ephedra without synthetic alterations.    

Looking Trim has done research to show that Hoodia P57 is in fact in this diet weight loss supplement.  Why is that important?  Because this is the active ingredient in Hoodia that tells brain that you are no hungry allowing for appetite control.  There are Hoodia supplements on the market today that have Hoodia in then though not Hoodia P57 which severely restricts the benefits.

Advantra-Z works to boost the metabolism by up to 500 calories a day.  Think about how much more weight you can lose if you burn 500 more calories every day.  

Looking Trim combines caffeine and white willow bark (aspirin) which is referred to as an ECA stack which increases the weight loss benefits of ephedra.  
Garcinia Canbogia now famous because of Dr. Oz works to prevent fat storage and better appetite control which supports the greater fat burning benefit of ephedra.

Chromium though not as flashy as ephedra is so important in a weight loss supplement.  Your metabolism needs chromium to properly use sugar as energy.  We know what happens to sugar that is not used as energy.  Chromium is one of the most important trace minerals for metabolic and weight loss success.

Synephrine is the natural from of citrus bigardia fruit extract works as metabolic enhancer to support more weight loss that doesn’t increase heart rate or blood pressure.

Looking Trim Diet Weight Loss Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings Per container: 60

Chromium (as plynicotinate) 120mcg
Ephedra Leaf Extract (aerial part) extract 12mg

Propreitary Looking Trim Blend 470mg
Paullinia sorbilis (seed) extract (standardized for natural caffeine), citrus bigardia (fruit) extract (standardized for synepherine), garcina cambogia (fruit) extract (standardized for (-) hydroxycitric acid), coynathe extract (bark), lotus extract (standardized for liensinine), hoodia gordonii (whole) 20:1 extract, white willow (bark), konjac (root), uva usi (leaf), giner (root), eleutherococcus senticosus (root), bee pollen, green tea (leaf) extract (standardized for epigallocatechin gallate and plyphenols), pyruvate, piper logum (fruit)

Other inngredients: gelatin, magnesium, stearate, silica

Current Reviews: 1

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